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We are home theater installation experts in the Greater Gulf Coast, but we offer so much more than that. In fact, we can do it all. We perform installations, cabling, configuring of digital boxes and repairs. For DIRECTV, Dish Network television, or high speed internet we are your one-stop-shop. We know how challenging and frustrating these installation jobs can be, so let us take over while you just sit back and relax.

Dish Network
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Home theater installition includes a satellite in the Greater Gulf Coast, AL

Satellite installation

Satellite installation service isn't just about sinking a pole and connecting a few wires. There are safety concerns to consider as well. So forget about climbing up on top of your roof on an unstable ladder in the wind and the rain. Sunshine Satellites deals with these situations on a daily basis, so calling us will save time and stress for everybody. Our technicians will be able to install your antenna efficiently and will be able to avoid the issues and challenges that might not occur to you. When the job is finished, you'll never know we were there, apart from crystal clear TV reception no matter where you are!
home theater installation cabling in the Greater Gulf Coast, AL


Did you move into a new home? Is your Internet connection not what you'd like it to be? Are you currently unable to surf the Internet without waiting a long time? Sunshine Satellites has exede broadband solutions for you. In addition to our expert satellite systems installation service, we can add and install high speed Internet in your home or business. Remember, we're here for our neighbors in the Greater Gulf Coast, and our services include everything you need to give you the pristine satellite and Internet you have always wanted.
Home theater installation technician in the Greater Gulf Coast, AL

Home theater installation

If you just bought a new television, cable box, or DVR, but don't know how to set up your home theater installation, don't worry. Installing all of these different things can be confusing, and even if you manage the wires, how can you make sure you get all the channels you want? When in doubt, call us. Sunshine Satellites can provide same day service for large or small home theater installation setups in the Greater Gulf Coast. We are equipped to handle commercial jobs in restaurant and bars, as well as more specialized places like your RV or boat. Call us if you equipment needs an upgrade or repair as well. Extending the life of your equipment saves money in the long run!
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